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Voice is perhaps the most nebulous quality of an author’s writing—but it is the quality that agents, publishers, and readers often say they are hunting for when perusing new titles to pick up. As a novice writer, this can be frustrating—with so much riding on smoke and sunbeams. So you ask for clarification—but the subsequent “I know it when I read it” remarks don’t really help. In my sojourns to various writing blogs, I found few articles on the subject—but I did uncover a few rare gems. Below, you will find a list of these voice links for writers. Some of these links will take you out to the websites of famous authors. Others (in green) will take you to my personal posts on voice.

No Fingerprints
Signature Style or No Fingerprints?

Note: A few writing books, such as Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass, mention a key fact—while many readers like a strong voice, some find it distracting, and prefer a read that is transparent, almost devoid of voice. So, before you panic, first ask yourself if your natural talent lies in a distinctive flair, or in writing clear prose with no authorial fingerprints. Hone your strength—either is valid, either can be the gateway to wild success.

Crowd Pleasing Voice

Voice Links for Writers

  • Voice…or Volume?—By Donald Maass—Posted on WriterUnboxed.com
    • Just because each writer has their own voice doesn’t mean it’s being used to “maximum effect.” In this post, Donald Maass explains the importance of honing your language and writing authentically to produce “strong voice.”
      • Donald Maass is a literary agent and has written a number of bestselling books on writing—several of which live on my personal bookshelf of writing advice favorites.

Edit to a Keen Turn of Phrase

Spice it Up

Lord of Lais

Green Riot

Japan Torii Gate

Re-Framing Voice

Audiance vs Market

Fairy Forest

Your Audiance Voice Links

Voice, insight, flaws and strengths—as writers we are all unique, and thus we each have our own words and wisdom to share. Return to A Codex Index to peruse more highlights of the vast trove of writing advice on the web.

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A Treasure Trove of Voice Links for Writers
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A Treasure Trove of Voice Links for Writers
Voice is perhaps the most nebulous quality of a writer's writing. Below you will find a list of voice links for writers directing you to excellent advice across the web.
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