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Author Maren True grew up speaking in the third person and plotting the downfall of humanity. Perhaps she was a freak destined to think that way all her life. She still often speaks in Old Meepish, although she tries to translate her writing back into Humanese. She lives with a lovely creature who’s intrigued by her arch-villainess plots and actually willing to proof her work whilst she’s curled around him like a dragon admiring her hoard. Oddities that remain are due to her disorder of written expression, not his efforts. Although he might also be slightly evil, considering the shared Sympatico.

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In high school, long before she was an author, Maren True was voted the shyest of her graduating class—this probably wasn’t because she was the most shy, but rather because she constantly had her hand in the air to plague the teachers, and ferociously glared at all comers in the halls between class. Everyone knew her name, and that she didn’t like humans. At Colorado College she discovered that a substantial subset of humanity wasn’t horrible—so she infiltrated and took over extracurricular organizations, inadvertently earning her the All-Campus Award for Participation in Public Affairs. She loved coursework just as much so she acquired bachelors in both Psychology, and Medieval & Renaissance Studies (self-designed). That was insufficient to slake her ravenous research tendencies, so for dessert she created a self-designed minor in Women & Religion.

She apparently has an affinity for independent courses of study, which has served her well in honing her writing craft. Her voracious urge to collect a body of writing resources and organize them resulted in A Codex Index, her online resource that links to fantastic writing advice from across the web. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, or talking about writing—or occasionally dressing up medieval and playing with swords, which is definitely for research purposes. She drinks a questionable quantity of tea to support her passions, but also collects pillows and slumbers on them regularly—since what good is a writer without quality dreams?

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