The Witches of Braintree Series

The Witches of Braintree series focuses on five misfit teens in Braintree Massachusetts who form a coven.

Coven: (Book 1 of The Witches of Braintree)

Love spells are dangerous The Entangler knew, that’s why she chose to cast one on herself, rather than on the boy she’d watched from afar. Starting her first day at his school her passionate pursuit of him and three other new friends will drag the five of them into bonds with unexpected fallout.

When a bombing blows up their school, leaving one member of the coven severely injured, the five of them must dig into their dark pasts to determine whose enemies have come home to roost.

Raven of Smoke and Ink

The first book in the Witches of Braintree series, Coven is an urban fantasy targeted at a young adult audience. It is currently being drafted.

The Points of the Pentagram—Our Characters:

The Five Points of the Pentagram

The Entangler—Fire

The Entangler

Escaping the clutches her evangelical adoptive parents as they try to baptize her to the Lord, or death—whichever comes first—the Entangler returns to her forbidden roots, a family tradition of witchcraft that stretches back to pre-Christian times. Determined to weave a new coven she seeks out a school rife with exceptional weirdos whom she can tie together in a common cause.



Armed with hair skewers as sharp as her icy tongue, this Spanish heiress to a corporate conglomerate is always ready for battle—whether in the boardroom or astride her Lipizzaner stallion. Meticulous in magic as in all things, Frostbite has never felt the need to share a circle with another—but the new girl is not easy to put off, she was named the Entangler for a reason.


Vivacity Green

Despite reaching the pinnacle of gymnastics as an Olympic athlete, Vivacity has never realized her secret dream—to be a witch. For some reason, practitioners never take her seriously whenever she tries to express an interest. Maybe it’s the green face paint? She decides to stop taking no for an answer—following the new girl into the woods she doesn’t look back.

The Grin Reaper—Earth

The Grin Reaper

A menacing specter sporting a meteoric iron chain rattling with hand-blown witch balls containing extracted teeth. He destroyed the local criminal element by systematically stalking, and brutally subduing the upper echelons of all the local gangs—extracting a molar from each to bind them. Used to universal fear he’s bemused by the new girl’s invitation to cast a circle by the local lake after dark, especially when it becomes evident she knows exactly who he is.

The No Hope Misanthrope—Spirit

No Hope Misanthrope with Ravens

Friend of no one but the local murder of ravens, and more than okay with that state of affairs, the No Hope Misanthrope likes his cultivated melancholic status quo. He is caught off-guard when the new girl at school sets out to snare his heart, and his body—to participate in her extra-curricular organization.

Togeather these five will form a coven binding themselves against all comers. Unfortunately, the universe takes them up on that challenge . . .

Coven Cover - Witches of Braintree
The Witches of Braintree Series
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The Witches of Braintree Series
Coven is the first book in the Witches of Braintree Series. Love spells are dangerous, that’s why The Entangler chose to cast it on herself instead of him.
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True Universe
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